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Find out if you're running your business efficiently with our free comprehensive IT checkup powered by Office1. Although it's worth over $1000, it won't cost you a penny. At the end of your Office1's IT health assessment, you'll receive our detailed findings and recommendations without any obligations.

What is an IT Health Check?


IT Health Checks are essential evaluations of an organization's existing IT systems, including software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure. A comprehensive IT health check examines everything from the network to the operating system and the applications themselves. Furthermore, Office1 will assess the entire technology ecosystem to find weaknesses, performance problems, security risks, and much more.

A practical IT Health Check will thoroughly examine every aspect of the system to ensure improved security, productivity, and optimal operation.

Who Needs an IT Health Check?

Mo-Cal Office Solutions recommends IT Health Checks powered by Office1. This approach helps ensure uptime and business continuity. We will thoroughly examine every aspect of your IT infrastructure to mitigate risks and reduce potential downtime.

You need an IT health check if:

What Do You Get with a Free IT Health Check?

Mo-Cal's Free IT Health Check Powered by Office1 provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT setup. We also make recommendations regarding technical issues and security risks while offering opportunities to optimize and scale your operations.

InclusionPowered by Office1

Scan for software at the end of vendor support

Low disk space or open ports

Hardware specs (i.e., Processor, RAM)

Scheduled tasks

Patch levels (i.e., what Microsoft patches are missing)

Internet speed test (to ensure that customers always get what they are paying for)

Server and workstation age (based on the date the operating system was installed)

List of all network devices (by IP, Name, and open ports)

List of all installed software

The version of the Operating Systems installed

Operating Systems that are no longer under vendor

List of computers from Active Directly

List of users from Active Directory

Date of the last log in

Color-coded to highlight users that have not logged in for over 30 days (and are likely ex-employees)

Last time those computers connected to the domain

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Mo-Cal's Comprehensive IT Health Report will be a slide deck covering an overview of our findings, a risk and issue score, issue reviews, recommendations, and a roadmap to fix them.